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Inspiration Round Table

What could you accomplish if you were able to tap into a collective consciousness that was on your side?

Events are scheduled and hosted on an as-needed basis with an appropriately selected venue.

To be considered for invitation, or to submit a request to initiate your own Inspiration Round Table theme, please submit your information below:

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Feeling stuck?

Need some unbiased advice?

Designed for those who are embarking on their next big project or decision, Inspiration Round Table is an idea-pot-luck, with focus on diversifying input from other life adventure travelers. As a group we will share ideas and perspectives with each other regarding the topic of specific interest or concern, garnering fresh points of view and inspiration, without the influence of well-meaning friends and family who may be invested in familiarity or old ways of associating. Those in attendance will find their voice in a non-judgemental, fun, and encouraging environment where no idea is too crazy or impossible! Why go in circles when you can step forward with clarity of purpose and direction? The purpose of these meetings is to provide a sanctuary for free thought as a laboratory for creativity in a supportive climate. If this sounds exciting to you, it's because it is! It is not group therapy, but expect to leave feeling heard, ambitious and inspired! Sign up to be notified about upcoming events!

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